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  • DVB solutions for the global marketplace

    DVB solutions for the global marketplace

    Cabot solutions have been designed and tested to address the complex requirements of divergent digital television markets. They are based upon worldwide DVB standards and include complex functionality which enables them to support deployment throughout Europe as well as emerging digital markets such as Australia, Russia, India and New Zealand.

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  • Comprehensive transmission support

    Comprehensive transmission support

    Cabot solutions have been developed to provide everything that manufacturers need to build digital television devices for every transmission network in one fully integrated and optimised solution. Cabot's innovative plug & play technology supports DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C as well as analogue.

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  • Practical & user friendly<br />internet functionality

    Practical & user friendly
    internet functionality

    Cabot software enables a variety of internet based functionality for a wide range of digital TV devices. Some of the available functionality includes a highly featured web browser, customisable multi-functional widgets and a range of video on demand technologies.

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  • Industry leading MHEG-5 functionality

    Industry leading MHEG-5 functionality

    Cabot’s MHEG-5 solutions have been designed and tested to enable Cabot customers to include the very latest MHEG-5 functionality in their products in the shortest possible time scales. Cabot has been actively involved with the extensions to the MHEG-5 v1.06 specification, including chairing the development of the HD Graphics Plane Extensions and with developing extended MHEG-5 country support.

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  • Complete CI+ solution

    Complete CI+ solution

    Cabot's CI+ solution provides an enhanced security system which uses key exchange cryptography to protect content across unsecured data links. Keystone successfully completed a rigorous testing regime based upon CI+ official requirements and is also continually tested with third party test tools as well as legacy and state of the art CAMs from a wide variety of manufacturers, including SmarDTV, Neotion and SMiT.

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  • Feature rich User Interface designs

    Feature rich User Interface designs

    Cabot User Interface solutions are provided as a set of reference designs for a wide range of digital TV devices that both demonstrate and complement the full middleware functionality. These designs are provided in source code which enables easy corporate branding and differentiation. In addition, Cabot’s EASI interface allows for other third party UI frameworks to be supported, such as Tara or Flash.

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  • Seamless software upgrades

    Seamless software upgrades

    Cabot’s software upgrade mechanism is available as part of an integrated middleware solution or as a component plug-in. It has been designed and tested to provide Cabot customers with a secure and efficient way to make product upgrades both before and after deployment.

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  • Fully integrated CA modules

    Fully integrated CA modules

    Cabot’s Conditional Access solutions are available as part of a fully integrated middleware solution or as Common Interface component plug-ins to support operator markets. They have been designed and tested to offer accelerated time to market for all leading Conditional Access solutions for all DVB broadcast networks: cable, satellite and terrestrial.Â

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  • Hardware independent middleware

    Hardware independent middleware

    With a variety of business models, Cabot's hardware independent middleware enables silicon providers to offer advanced products to manufacturers with optimal speed to market, thus delivering essential competitive advantage. The scalable, modular architecture also enables easy product tailoring for rapid response to prevailing market conditions.

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